Yonathan Dominitz

Structured Creative Thinking Leader
  • Founder of Mindscapes, leader of creativity programs for brands and agencies in 35+ markets
  • Frequent speaker at the prestigious Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity
  • 42 Cannes Lions, including 3 Grand Prix, won by Mindscapes trained agencies & brands

About Yonathan Dominitz

Yonathan is a renowned global leader of structured creative thinking projects in brand communications. A trainer and a leader of creativity and innovation, boosting projects for top ad agencies and brands.

He has trained 100+ brands and global/local advertising agencies across the world. He is a frequent speaker at international marketing conferences and advertising festivals. Including recurring appearances at the prestigious Cannes Lions festival, Eurobest, Spikes Asia and more.

He has published articles in leading industry publications and platforms such as Contiguous Magazine.

Yonathan also practices and teaches Insight Meditation courses and retreats as well as Mindfulness courses.

The Rules behind Breaking Creativity Rules

How to direct the mind towards breakthrough creativity and engaging storytelling in today’s multiplatform multi-content brand communications.

This session will examine recent award-winning campaigns in digital-interactive-integrated brand communications while decoding the recurring thinking patterns embedded in them. It will then translate the patterns into practical thinking tools which help direct the mind to specific fertile creative thinking paths, so as to originate an efficient structured creative thinking process.

Uncovering Powerful Insights

How to reveal powerful insights which articulate new perspectives about the brand and its TA, so as to inspire better creative briefs.

Uncovering a truly meaningful insight is one of the hardest tasks in brand communications. Which starts with understanding what it is exactly that you are looking for. This session will suggest a unique way of defining an insight (hint: it is not a single revelation). It then presents a set of practical thinking tools which enable looking at reality via different prisms so as to reveal powerful insights. Insights which can act as the basis of effective storytelling and breakthrough creativity.

How to Create Ideas which Win Lions

How can agencies or brands structure effective creative thinking leading to breakthrough ideas with award-winning potential?

Every year festivals around the world acknowledge the most remarkable brand communications ideas. With Cannes Lions being a beacon of creative excellence and aspiration. Every winner stands out for being original and unique, yet… most share recurring patterns of thinking.  Patterns which when decoded and mastered can paradoxically help originate creative thinking from which Cannes Lions are made of. This session will explore such patterns and translate then into fertile thinking paths leading to award-winning creativity.

Creating Great Ideas with Great Impact and a NOT Great Budget

Quite often, barriers and limitations force us to consider unconventional creative thinking. Resulting in small, smart ideas which are based on exceptional disruptive creativity rather than exceptional production values or hefty financial investment. Ideas, which identify unique observations, utilize potent digital/social media opportunities, incorporate savvy creative bravery, generate unpaid earned media and light up brandversations.

This session will explore creative thinking tools geared to produce such ideas. They can be implemented in times of uncertainty and financial adversity but…can and should be relevant at all times.