Ross Davies

UX and Conversion Specialist
  • Systems architect for a food charity that served 500,000 meals over the covid lockdown period. 
  • UX designer for an in-game shop which had 63 million active players (to increase in-app/game purchases)
  • Launch of a new site which increased conversions so dramatically that the site paid for itself within the opening weekend. 

About Ross Davies

Ross Davies is the owner of Strafe Creative, a digital design agency focused on conversion-led design. Growing up alongside the web led Ross to be fascinated by technology and design yet he started his career as an ergonomics engineer in the automotive industry. The culmination of his experience and passions led to the realisation his skills were transferable, and thus Strafe Creative was born.

Ross loves to find new and innovative ways to improve processes, whether that’s in the way he runs his business or in the design process with clients such as Experian, BP and Empire Flippers. Strafe is listed on the prestigious ‘Drum Recommends’ agency database and in 2021 won Best Website in the UK Business Awards for their work with Adventure Base.

In 2020, Ross was hired as a systems architect and advisor for ‘Open Kitchens’ a not-for-profit helping to redistribute food throughout the pandemic. He helped to plan and create user flows, wireframes, digital components and CRM that brought the platform to life and to date has enabled over 500,000 meals to reach those in need.

Ross is a proud husband and father, a huge basketball fan and loves Thai food.

Designing for your perfect persona - How to digitally sell to your exact customer type

To really accelerate your online sales we need to be designing our sites for our perfect customer. A simple way to consider this is how you might greet 3 random strangers, one being a 10-year-old, one being 30 and one being 80.

How would your language, tone, body language change for each stranger you greet? It's that same thought process that should be applied to your digital design and website. As part of our workshop, we’ll take you through the process of how we do it, how you can do it and case studies too so you can have an actionable plan of attack by the end of our time together.