Ned Poulter

Award-winning Digital Marketer
  • Receiving international recognition winning 16 awards across: Social Media Strategy, Paid Social Media, Strategic Use of Social Media on a UK, European & Global level. 
  • Being invited to speak & train at some of the biggest conferences in the world
  • Becoming a carbon-positive company & dedicating large amounts of money to various charities

About Ned Poulter

Ned Poulter is the Founder & CEO of Pole Star Digital, European Biddable Media Agency of the Year (2020).

Having spent in excess of €6M on Facebook / Instagram Ads over the last several years, he’s worked with everything; from startups to some of the world’s most recognizable brands.

Ned is also a familiar face on the international speaking & training circuit, where he can normally be found teaching cutting-edge social media strategies to groups like you!

Facebook & Instagram Ads


So, you’re familiar with Facebook / Instagram Ads, you’ve ran multiple campaigns for different objectives, but you find yourself questioning what other aspects you could be embracing to get better results for your business or your clients?

Social Media Ads



Dealing with just one channel is a headache in itself, but when your business or your clients are asking for campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, this only gets worse! Don't fret. Just join this intensive training.