Arnout Hellemans

Technical SEO & Analytics Consultant
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  • Optimizing websites for 11+ years
  • Ability to change organizations from the inside
  • Clients all over Europe and the USA

About Arnout Hellemans

Arnout is an optimizer who works data-informed and has a strong focus on getting the best results for his clients.

Basically, he just makes sure a business gets the most out of its online activities by leveraging Google Analytics and other data points. This results in an online strategy focused on search, social interactions, and the correct understanding of the ROI for his clients. Getting the most value out of the possibilities the online world has to offer, through the smart use of Google Analytics and creating a faster experience. He truly believes in upskilling organizations instead of outsourcing essential parts of the online business.

He has been working for smaller companies (, large corporations like LeasePlan and NatWest group, and massive websites like (TNW). And you might have seen him on some of the Semrush webinars or quite a few podcasts and he has been speaking at industry events like Ungagged London 2016 SMX London, EliteDay, InOrbit19, and InOrbit20. Online since 1992, in Online Marketing since 2007.

Google Analytics


Any business needs to become data driven. However, you should be  able to understand the data and you should be measuring the right  things. Google analytics out of the box cannot be used. It needs to be properly set up. In this workshop, you will learn...

... how tracking works
... measuring the right things
... setting up KPI’s
... useful reports
... advanced features
Optimize Surveys


Speed is a proxy for quality. Nobody likes a slow web experience,  but still the majority of websites take longer than 3 seconds to load.

Learn how to tackle web performance and start delivering a way  better user experience.